Many people have chosen to believe what they hear without independent fact-finding pertaining to this case.


Not many stories added up during trial, but here's what can be gathered from the sworn testimony of witnesses from both parties.


Proven facts on the culpability of everyone involved, and what some have done to accept responsibility.


It only takes a few minutes to sign the petition and send a letter to the parole board to help this young man return home.

From this tragedy stems opportunity: The opportunity to prevent further incidents like this from happening again. The opportunity to use one’s own life experiences to positively influence others to do the right thing and make smart decisions. The opportunity to bring two families together toward a common goal instead of continuing the hate campaign.

As a family, the Vantrease's want to join forces to make this right, and it all starts with Austin coming home, rebuilding his life and reentering society while he still has a chance to make a difference in the lives of others. They want to do everything they can to help the Diviney family care for Ryan, which means bringing both groups of supporters together to raise money and accept the truth of the incident as an unintended tragic outcome. If he is granted parole, Austin will have the chance to prove his character to everyone who has judged him on this one split-second decision. Not one person is gaining from Austin Vantrease remaining in prison. We will all begin to move forward the day he is released.

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