May Bio 3

Jonathan Matthew May

Date of Birth: January 26, 1991

Place of Birth: Unknown

Height: 5′ 11″

Last Known Domicile: With Mother and Step-Father. # Elm Ave., Newark, DE.


Parents: Melissa (Schulte) Wehry

Parent’s Employment: Coventry Health Care.

Siblings: Older sister & 2 step-siblings.


Education & Employment
High Schools Attended: Newark High School

College: West Virginia University, Withdrawn without degree (Fall 2009).

Current Employment (Last Known): Coventry Health Care (Newark, DE), Customer Service.


Criminal Information
Conviction: Battery

Co-defendant: Austin Issac Vantrease

Case/ID Number: 10-F-14.

Conviction Date: July 2010.

Sentence: 1 Year.

Length of Incarceration: 7 Months.

Jail/Prison Incarcerations: North Central Regional Jail

Incarceration Infractions: Bag found in cell, 3 days in isolation (the “hole”).



All information given above was obtained from public records and/or internet searches. Source information is deemed reliable, but I’m sure as hell not guaranteeing one-hundred percent accuracy! Jonathan Matthew May is a known violent offender and this information is provided in the public’s interest and safety.

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3 thoughts on “May Bio

  • Janice

    I get that these creeps are out and living their lives. But what amazes me is the parents seem okay with what their sons did. It would break my heart and I don’t know if I could support one of mine if they did this to another family intentionally. Accidents happen, but this was no accident. Those guys are vicious murderers.

    • Mia

      “Accidents happen, but this was no accident. Those guys are vicious murderers.”

      Janice–not sure if you’ll see this reply but just wanted to say that was the simplest yet most profound statement about the nature of violent crime I’ve ever read.

    • Jillian Mattke

      I had a sibling commit a crime that resulted in harm to others. It is so surreal…I have distanced myself from them. I come from a small town and what used to be happy reunions with friends who still live there…now is ignored text messages, people turning away from me when they see me out and about.