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Jonathan Matthew May

Date of Birth: January 26, 1991

Place of Birth: Unknown

Height: 5′ 11″

Last Known Domicile: With Mother and Step-Father. # Elm Ave., Newark, DE.


Parents: Melissa (Schulte) Wehry

Parent’s Employment: Coventry Health Care.

Siblings: Older sister & 2 step-siblings.


Education & Employment
High Schools Attended: Newark High School

College: West Virginia University, Withdrawn without degree (Fall 2009).

Current Employment (Last Known): Coventry Health Care (Newark, DE), Customer Service.


Criminal Information
Conviction: Battery

Co-defendant: Austin Issac Vantrease

Case/ID Number: 10-F-14.

Conviction Date: July 2010.

Sentence: 1 Year.

Length of Incarceration: 7 Months.

Jail/Prison Incarcerations: North Central Regional Jail

Incarceration Infractions: Bag found in cell, 3 days in isolation (the “hole”).



All information given above was obtained from public records and/or internet searches. Source information is deemed reliable, but I’m sure as hell not guaranteeing one-hundred percent accuracy! Jonathan Matthew May is a known violent offender and this information is provided in the public’s interest and safety.

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