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Ryan’s Rally LLC: Owns (Former) Vantrease Website!

Many of you might remember this (once) asinine website — chooseprogress.net — set-up, maintained, and updated by the Vantrease family/contingent. They used it to promote their propaganda blitzkrieg. It was ill-conceived and failed miserably, but now plays in our favor for one simple reason. As of October 2014, they no longer own it… we do!

How did I pull this off, you might wonder?

Well, it was incredibly easy.

I really don’t consider these people the brightest and, like with all my dealing with them, it went EXACTLY as planned. Better yet, they didn’t diminish their liable for the information that was previously posted. On the contrary. Through my attorney, I had a letter issued (below) that asked them to execute specific actions. I wondered if they had the slightest lick of intelligence to keep ownership of the website domain name, even though I knew they would shut it down. Then I remembered who I was dealing with and just waited.

Now, I know I’m taking a lot of pot shots at their intelligence. It’s not without reason. Remember, I’ve personally witnessed these dolts in action. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I seriously doubt it. The lack of consequential-hindsight and -foresight baffles me, but it’s something that continues!

Okay, enough with me acting all highfalutin and superior, back to the website. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for chooseprogress.net to become available.

As I suspected, they didn’t fully meet the letter’s demands; thereby leaving themselves vulnerable. To me, it’s just another example of not owning accountability despite the plausible consequences… even in the face of undeniable forensic facts.

I’m kicking around some ideas on how to use the newly acquired website. I love how all their effort to get search engines to point to it will already be in place. Funny how their old theme (albeit ineffective and unpopular), The Truth About Austin Vantrease, seems quite suitable for what I have in mind. So ironic! Off the top of my head it might include information on his:

  • felony conviction,
  • prison history (to include violations like drugs, porn, throwing objects toward guards, etc.),
  • ability to raise $70,000 to bail his ass out of jail, yet cries poverty in repaying his criminal restitution,
  • unsuccessful motion (in Federal Court) to shut down this website,
  • unsuccessful motion (in Federal Court) to get names and addresses of everyone who donated to Ryan,
  • unsuccessfully motion (in Federal Court) to claim donations from caring people to offset his civil obligation.

Really, I might need to spring for more storage space… given all the content he provides! Come to think of it, his family’s antics and statements might fit well there too! Where to begin with that crew? Holy smokes. Let’s see, how about their:

  • becoming aggressive in the parking garage following the criminal trial and nearly getting arrested,
  • behavior requiring the Court to have me park in a secured site and being escorted by armed deputies,
  • insensitive and idiotic statements, like “Austin was in the wrong place at the wrong time”, or “Austin wouldn’t hurt a fly”, or “A fight is a fight is a fight…” or “It was a travesty what the WV Court did to Austin” or “Austin isn’t the only one to blame”.
  • contingent’s comments posted on this website, throughout the years of trolling it.
  • Then I could download the content from their website as it existed before I bought the domain name.

Yeah, more storage seems unavoidable.


Tell the Truth, or Face the Consequences!

So, here is the correspondence I sent (both certified mail and presented at the Parole Hearing):


July 1, 2014

Austin Vantrease, Bob Vantrease, Gale Vantrease, Andraya Vantrease, and Cody Vantrease

Re: Your Statements Regarding Ryan Diviney

Dear Messrs. and Mmes. Vantrease

Either via certified mail or in the Parole hearing at St. Mary’s Correctional Center, July 9, 2014, before representatives of the State of West Virginia, Ken Diviney is providing Ryan Diviney’s Drug Screen that was completed on November 7, 2009, at Ruby Memorial Hospital. As all will see, including Austin Vantrease and members of the Vantrease family/contingent, the forensic records show there was no Cannabinoid (THC) or marijuana in Ryan Diviney’s system. All here will also see that [Witness Name] statements given in deposition were voluntarily retracted by him…

Notwithstanding other inaccuracies noted [today] by Mr. Diviney, specifically on Andraya Vantrease’s social media and the chooseprogress.net website, concerning the events on November 7, 2009, know that all concerned are on notice about Ryan Diviney’s drug and alcohol use; specifically, none occurred. As such, any statements — including those issued prior to this date — are evidentially and factually liable, and it’s illegal.

On or before 5:00 PM, July 23, 2014, I am allowing for any and all insinuations, references, and statements of Ryan Diviney being under the influence of drugs, specifically marijuana, to be removed from any source — online, print, auditory, digital, photographic, or other medium — and an unconditional written retraction is sent to Ken Diviney at the address: 21092 Carthagena Ct., Ashburn, VA 20147.


Turns out, I never received a written retraction.

Not wise. Not wise at all!

That’s akin to cowardly hiding behind a dumpster and believing that it’s somehow getting away with it. Not so much unlike when the attackers where caught on video surveillance, the content of their website was captured digitally (and printed to hard copy). Every Sentence. Every word. Every photograph. Every thing. A copy of it also resides with the State of West Virginia.

Those violent monsters that beat my son into oblivion couldn’t hide (with the trash). The same is true with thinking the “delete” button will be any better. Silly Bastards, who believe otherwise! Hiding from the truth doesn’t make it go away. It relentlessly follows.

Here’s the thing that some simply need to understand. People can’t just knowingly outright lie. It’s a crime, for goodness sakes. This basic tenet of telling the truth is not lost on me. I have never, nor ever will, as I write on this website. Aside from my Constitution right to my opinion (which I share freely and often), it is always the truth as I understand it. Damn straight, it is!
Now, as for the witness that fully retracted his/her deposition, I also called out his/her testimony. Like the letter delivered to the Vantrease contingent (above), I sent this person one that threatened to sue him/her for false statements given under oath. Yep, Ryan’s Drug Screen was provided to drive home that point. I wasn’t inclined to mess around since Ryan’s character was at stake. Then it had to be clear, in no uncertain terms, that more than a few people who this person claimed were present when Ryan was attacked simply were not there.

Hell, they weren’t even in the same flippin’ state!

It really bothered me that these statements (by Vantrease contingent and this witness) were made (or related) publically. It still bothers me, for that matter. I owed it to my boy to protect his name and it weighed on me for years. If nothing else, I’m a patient man. I had other issues to handle before setting the record straight.

It took almost five years (the anniversary of the beating is in exactly one month), but I was obligated to my son to see this through.

If Not Convinced Now, Then What’s it Take?

It’s bad enough that stories were fabricated that Ryan was high (again, he wasn’t). It’s even worse that, in some distorted logic, gave justification to beat the existence out of him. Sure, Dr. Bailes told me Ryan wasn’t “drunk” and the results are clear he wasn’t high, but why would that matter anyhow?

There is NEVER a reason to sucker-punch a person (as Jonathan May did). Then kick him in the head, while unresponsive on the ground? Come on! Cowards! Austin Vantrease kicked him so violently that it was described as though “he punted his head like a football”. Another witness said Ryan’s brain made the sound like when an “egg is dropped on concrete”.

I’m telling you (again), I’m dealing with some really bad people in my life. They are monsters, really. People who are conniving… distorting… deceiving… bald-faced lying, scumbag, bastards… that have a moral compass that’s completely out-of-whack.

If this isn’t undeniably clear now then, heck, I suppose there’s no hope for me ever convince otherwise.

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