Say What? 7

A sampling of some of the more memorable quotes from Austin Vantrease and his family.


“I was expecting the police and do not want to talk without consulting my attorney”. [Austin Vantrease. When pulled from class by the Investigating Detective, 12/01/2009 at the University of Delaware].

“I got in a fight. The kid fell down and hit his head. Now he’s in a coma”. [Austin Vantrease. When asked by a fellow inmate why he was in prison.]

“Austin wouldn’t hurt a fly”.

“Austin was in the wrong place at the wrong time”. [Bob Vantrease]

“A fight is a fight is a fight”. [Gale Vantrease]

“It was a travesty what the WV Court did to Austin”. [Gale Vantrease]

“Austin is not the only one to blame”. [Gale Vantrease]

“People can call us ‘Monsters’ if it helps them…” [Gale Vantrease]

“Only way that I’ve ever actually described it is like when you just drop an egg onto concrete…” [Jonathan May. Describing the sound he heard when Austin Vantrease kicked Ryan in the head.]




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7 thoughts on “Say What?

  • nickel

    How can u say that Austin wouldn’t hurt a fly he killed a young man leave n only his body to live that’s the dumbest thing I’ve herd an as far as u say n “If it makes us feel better to call him a monster” if the shoe fits lace that mother fucker up an wear it cause that’s exactly wat he is …..

  • kae

    How is Austin a scapegoat? He made a conscious decision to kick Ryan, who was already on the ground and unconscious, in the head. Why don’t you, as a family, set up a trust fund to help with the Diviney family with the expenses they are saddled with because of Austin Vantrease’s actions. The picture posted on your Facebook page shows a good looking family. I wonder if a day goes by that any of you think about what the Diviney family picture looks like since the day Austin kicked Ryan in the head. Rather than trying to make excuses, say you are sorry and help the Diviney family.

  • Sonya

    The young man that was kicked in the head when already unconscious is still fighting for his life. I read that he is back in the hospital fighting MRSA. Austin Vantrease should be forced to pay restitution to this family for all the expense that they have incurred. They is NO excuse for his actions!

  • Jana

    To AV family,
    I understand you love your son. Nobody doubts that, but wake up! Your child did a TERRIBLE, Terrible thing and he needs to make restitution. Your family could do more than just sweep it under the rug and move on… You could assist in raising funds for Ryan. Something!
    Wrong is wrong. You wouldn’t believe how far an honest and heartfelt apology can go. I would be on my knees BEGGING Ryan’s family forgiveness. What is wrong with you?!?!?

  • Niki Petrus

    You people should be ashamed, the video clearly shows this heartless pos kicking Ryan in the head when he’s already unconscious!
    Lady we’re not calling your brat a monster you raised him to be a monster!
    Now that Ryan has died from his injuries your son needs to be jailed for murder!